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Volume VII - The Voyage Beyond now available!
Storyline Synopsis

While investigating sightings of a mysterious creature, the Creation Response Team stumbles across the unpredictable Alex DeMarcus, who owns an experimental submarine called the Manta that uses electromagnetic propulsion. But DeMarcus seems to have something even bigger in mind than traveling into the depths of the sea. To learn his secret, join Jonathan Park and the Voyage Beyond!

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January 1st, 2011
Broadcast Release!

Creation Works presents Jonathan Park — an exciting radio drama guaranteed to give your listeners a unique listening experience. Hundreds of radio stations have already found Jonathan Park to be one of their most popular broadcasts because of its action-packed stories. It provides deep answers for Christian families plagued with tough questions concerning the creation/evolution debate.

Three Ways to Receive the Broadcast
  1. The Jonathan Park series is available through the AM-OS satellite ftp service
  2. You can download broadcast quality MP3 files by registering for a free radio account on our website
  3. We will send CDs in the mail every six weeks. To request CD mail service, just e-mail Kathryn Mokan.
Broadcast Specifics

Jonathan Park and the Voyage Beyond are scheduled for an official release date of January 1st, 2011; however, your station is free to use the broadcasts now or whenever!

The Jonathan Park series is available for weekly syndication, with more than 84 episodes already produced. Each episode is 25:55 with a :30 replaceable commercial break at 12:45.

For more information or to request a CD demo, contact:
Kathryn Mokan
Jonathan Park Radio Representative

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